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Mason through the Years

The goal of the Mason Building Renovation Project is to maintain and enhance the tradition of excellence that CEE faculty and students have come to expect from their learning environment. That's no easy task.  When it opened its doors in 1969, the Jesse W. Mason Building provided cutting-edge classroom design and the latest educational technology in an environment that was ultra-modern.

The definition of those concepts has changed a lot in the last 43 years:

  • Computer labs - once the height of high-tech pedagogy - are now an oddity, as most students and faculty carry smart phones, tablets, and laptops in their backpacks. This change will be reflected in the newly renovated Mason Building which offers students numerous locations where they can juice up their preferred technology and connect to the Institute's wifi. No more queuing up for a terminal.
  • Classroom technology once amounted to little more than an overhead projector and a pull-down screen. In the newly renovated Mason Building, faculty and students will have access to smart technology that will allow them to connect with each other - and the world - while tackling tough engineering challenges.
  • Meeting spaces in the original Mason Building were relegated to the foyer - a sprawling, impersonal, and often chaotic environment. After-class collaborations were hard to arrange. In the renovated Mason Building, students and faculty can meet in private, fully-wired conference rooms, each equipped with floor-to-ceiling white boards. They can also plug their laptops into one of many electrical outlets to have a less formal collaboration in the lounge area.

Named after Jesse W. Mason, an esteemed former dean of the College of Engineering, the 90,000-square-foot building will continue to embrace high expectations as we go forward with renovations. We are reminded of this as we review some of the images that chronicle its history at Georgia Tech.

If you have photos that belong in this slideshow, send them to We'd love to feature all of the images that have made the history of the Mason Building such a colorful one.