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Creating the Mason Legacy

As a student at Georgia Tech in the late 1970s, Lauren R. Hildebrand had a hunch that the Institute was more than just a  ”good” school. Three decades later, the now Director of Utilities for the City of Charlottesville, VA is convinced Georgia Tech was - and is - a truly exceptional institution.

And that's why she is supporting the Mason Building Renovation project.

"Although I wasn't a civil engineering major during my time at Tech, the education and the academic support I received in school provided me the opportunity to excel in my professional life and allowed me to migrate to the municipal utilities field, and I have made that my career, “ she said.

 “In school, we were taught how to take a general idea or vision for a project  –  and make it real.  This is now the main emphasis in my work and it is a skill that I utilize almost every day in one fashion or another."

Hildebrand believes future generations of civil engineers should have the same inspiration and support she experienced so that they can launch their careers - and their lives -  wherever their dreams may lead them.  

“A renovated and updated Mason Building is vital in providing Georgia Tech students every opportunity they need to succeed, and for keeping Georgia Tech a leading engineering university both now and into the future.”

Lauren Hildebrand, PE, IE '82
EAB Member
Director of Utilities
CIty of Charlottesville, VA